NextGen Security is a company built on a steadfast commitment to our employees, our partners, and to the clients whom we serve. We believe that delivering the security industry’s highest-quality services and technologies starts with knowing who we are, and ensuring that all members of our team regardless of position adhere to equally high shared principles.

Each and every individual at NextGen is held accountable and encouraged to excel, with the cooperative outcome of security solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and benefit the whole organization with mutual achievement. We accept nothing less than the best from our staff, and offer nothing less than the best to them.

Our corporate dedication to integrity, honesty, reliability, and consistency means we can count on our people, and you can to.

It’s our daily objective to create and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients that don’t just mitigate risk or enhance safety, but make everyone more successful.

Our Core Values Include:

  • Meeting regulatory and legal requirements, without exception or compromise
  • Honoring our relationships with clients, partners, and fellow employees through conduct that is always ethical and worthy of confidence and trust
  • Building collaborative arrangements that bring out everyone’s best for individual excellence and shared success
  • Going above and beyond to not just fulfill our commitments to those who depend on us, but to exceed their expectations with superior and constantly improving customer service
  • Promoting safety policies and procedures that protect internal and external personnel as well as client assets
  • Staying ahead of the curve, by constantly researching and implementing new technologies that allow us to deliver exceptional products and services to our clients
  • Educating our employees so they can best utilize the products and technologies available, and encouraging their continuous personal and professional development
  • Enhancing workforce and organizational flexibility to be ever-more responsive to changing client needs and requirements
  • Improving key interpersonal skills including communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • Being good stewards of our resources within our communities and environment.