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NextGen Security, LLC is an integrated
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Higher Education

College is supposed to be a time of learning, new experiences, and self-discovery—but lately there’s been much more attention focused on the dangers of life on campus. At NextGen we’re leading the way with security at colleges and universities that’s crafted to each one’s specific needs and culture.

This kind of practical, publicly visible physical security, when combined with the crime record maintenance and reporting activities required by the Clery Act, reduces institutional liability and provides peace of mind for students and parents alike.

NextGen’s security solutions can provide for mass notifications of incidents and campus lockdowns, including wireless locking for dorms. It can also simplify and streamline daily student life with smart cards that not only provide access to dorms and other facilities, but are integrated with dining, vending, and similar routine financial transactions.

We evaluate your current operations and listen closely to your parameters and safety goals before even starting to develop a comprehensive plan or strategy of your institution.

The security of your students and staff, and the comfort level of parents and even the general public, are crucial factors in your success, so we take a personal approach of working directly with your stakeholders while addressing other considerations like budget parameters.

We’re also active members of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), and are continuously collaborating within its membership to better meet the unique security needs and requirements of colleges and universities.


We have vast expertise creating solutions that comply with the most stringent industrial and governmental regulations in our verticals.