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NextGen Security, LLC is an integrated
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Access Control Systems

Whether you need to secure access for a large, multi-site facility, or a smaller installation with a few doors, our access control solutions have the flexibility needed to adapt to your security environment. Our systems are designed to scale as your operations grow, while always providing you the freedom to choose from leading open access control hardware.

Video Management Systems

As the migration of IP cameras increases, so does the requirement for intelligent video management platforms to optimize bandwidth, command/control, and delegation. Our VMS offerings are industry-leading, and have the flexibility to grow with your security footprint and corporate or regulatory requirements.

Communication Systems

Our intercom/audible response offerings allow seamless IP-based communication between operators, and those intended to receive direction or warning.

Optical and Physical Turnstiles/Entry Portals

Automate lobby security with technology blending style and function for a discreet solution that can trigger an alarm or other measures for intruders our unauthorized personnel, while seamlessly promoting an open, inviting environment with faster throughput.

Perimeter Hardening

Fortify and further secure the outer perimeter of your protected asset with methods like hardened fencing, bollards, hydraulic wedges and environmental design.

Intelligent LED Lighting

Deter and Respond to intruders and suspicious activities through the use of intelligent IP based LED lighting that is integrated with your overall security platform.

Thermal Video Analytics

Smart thermal cameras with integrated video analytics and high-powered processing, combine high-quality imaging with high-sensitivity detection of a variety of outdoor threats. Features like electronic stabilization, hands-free steering and zoom, and geo-registration allow you to customize the tool for your unique needs and surroundings.

Fiber-Based Fence Detection

Leverage the power of fiber optics to pinpoint single or multiple intrusions attempts simultaneously, with technology that can be “self-healing” in the events of attempts to defeat security or accidental damage.

Ground-Based Radar

Intercept threats beyond your fence line by detecting and tracking multiple threats simultaneously, with exceptional speed and class-leading target detection and acquisition performance.

Wireless Technologies

Take full advantage of detection and communication tools that offer the agility and flexibility of no wires or direct physical connection being required.

Vehicular Gates

Manage and control access of automobiles and other vehicles to your facilities with access points that can let them in or keep them out based on your security preference and strategy.


We have vast expertise creating solutions that comply with the most stringent industrial and governmental regulations in our verticals.