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The Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), which became law in 2002, was actually drafted prior to the events of September 11, 2001. Its primary intent was to prevent crime, as cargo theft and smuggling could indeed threaten business operations and national commerce.

After 9/11, the MTSA was expanded to also encompass the threat of terrorism, and placed under the management of the U.S. Coast Guard within the Department of Homeland Security.

The MTSA is a broad-based regulation that applies to a variety of maritime industries, including petrochemical and chemical businesses, with all facilities and vessels located in U.S. ports or waterways being legally required to comply with standards particularly focused on identifying and deterring transportation security threats.

MTSA-regulated waterfront facilities face many unique challenges, because perimeter security technologies must distinguish between the continuous movement of water and movements made by potential perpetrators. Breakthroughs in fiber-based technology, thermal imaging/infrared (IR) and video analytics software have created more effective yet affordable solutions.

Having secured more than 100 MTSA-regulated sites, NextGen Security’s experts have hands-on experience with these kinds of advanced perimeter security technologies, and how to apply them to your specific compliance needs.
Our team members have had extensive training on handling MTSA Sensitive Security Information (SSI). We’ve also worked with the Port Security Grant Program Recipient’s stringent requirements, and can help you leverage these funds to support your compliance requirements.

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