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North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-profit corporation created to ensure that the bulk electric system in North America remains reliable, satisfactory, and secure through Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). In June 2006, NERC adopted Cyber Security Standards CIP-002 through 009, specifying the minimum requirements needed to safeguard the security of cyber assets, and information to support the bulk power system.

NERC-CIP identifies standards in critical areas designed to protect power plants and all other facets of electric utility operations and their assets. These standards include measures for identifying critical cyber assets, developing security management controls, training, perimeter and physical security, incident reporting and response planning, and recovery plans.

Your security team needs a security integrator that understands the relationship and between cyber and physical electronic security, and has the know-how to help you develop a solid plan.

NextGen has worked on more than 300 NERC-CIP sites, and our team of professionals has the experience, risk-based methodology, and practical skill to translate it into a security strategy that helps you meet NERC-CIP security compliance requirements.


We have vast expertise creating solutions that comply with the most stringent industrial and governmental regulations in our verticals.