A roadmap discussion about access control doesn’t need to be painful. In fact, it can be positive, especially when the solution migration path has clear benefits and can occur in a planned manner, rather than as an unexpected inconvenience to operations and the budget.

So, when Software House announced the new iSTAR Ultra door controllers, system owners have at least 5 reasons to be excited about their new capabilities.

1) Network Security

Looking for ways to protect your organization from network breaches? Consider upgrading your access control solution using iSTAR Ultra door controllers to enable custom encryption key management which also gives you an option to go into “dark mode” for the most reliable network security. Implementing advanced Denial-of-Service protection is also great reason to upgrade your access control door controllers.

2) Encryption

iSTAR Ultra door controllers employ AES256 NIST-certified encryption. And, if FIPS 197 encryption or FIPS 140-2 cryptographic capability is required for your facility, the iSTAR Ultra access control door controller is a perfect solution.

3) Scalable

iSTAR Ultra door controllers can handle 2x as many doors as the legacy iSTAR Pro controllers and up to 500k access control cards. The new door controllers feature ASSA Aperio and Schlage AD300/400 series wireless lock support for up to 32 locks per controller.

4) IT-Friendly Architecture

If you’re seeking a future-proof Ethernet door module for your access control system that provides an IT-friendly, highly secure option while reducing wiring and installation costs, the iSTAR Ultra door controller enables that option.

5) Reliability and Availability

Each iSTAR Ultra access control system door controller contains a 16GB SD card, which provides non-volatile storage of the Linux OS kernel, the iSTAR Ultra firmware, and the iSTAR Ultra’s configuration database. It also provides non-volatile storage for the transaction buffer, if iSTAR Ultra is offline from its host.

Planning and Implementation

NextGen is an authorized, highly skilled, and experienced Software House integrator. These exceptional qualifications allow your organization to be assured of proper planning, system engineering, installation, and maintenance of C•CURE access control solutions by Software House.

Contact NextGen to develop your upgrade roadmap. Get started below:

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