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As your trusted integrated physical and electronic security provider, NextGen is proactively reaching out to all our known CCure 9000 users to let them know that Software House will cease the manufacture of the iSTAR Pro family of access controllers in April, 2020. This legacy offering has been the wind beneath the wings of Software House access control systems since its introduction in 2003, providing reliability and performance throughout the years in both wall-mount and rack mount configurations. And although Software House has announced the upcoming “End of Life” for this workhorse, it credits the iSTAR Pro technology for paving the way for its next generation of new iSTAR Ultra SE controllers. They feature an identical hardware layout for the ACM I/O board, with identical connectors, which is super good news because current wiring layouts and designs don’t have to be altered when upgrading to iSTAR Ultra SE!


Although this news spells end of life for the esteemed iSTAR Pro legacy technology, it also ushers in the introduction of a new, much more sophisticated solution that delivers the latest advancements in product cybersecurity.

In today’s hyper-sensitive world of cyber threats and end user insecurity that their systems could be at risk, the introduction of the iSTAR Ultra SE controllers delivers most welcomed peace of mind. To achieve a higher level of cybersecurity, Software House recommends using the iSTAR Ultra SE in Ultra mode, configured for FIPS communication. So, please keep in mind that using the iSTAR Ultra SE in Pro mode is not recommended for customers or installations that require a more secure deployment.


As of April, inventory for the iSTAR Pro family of access controllers will only be available until stock runs out. So time is tickin’. As a Software House Enterprise Level Dealer, NextGen stands at the ready to help CCure 9000 users successfully migrate from the iSTAR Pro family of products and transition easily to the adoption of iSTAR Ultra SE controllers. We’re here to support all users to make sure that their CCure 9000 access control platform stays current and is leveraging the latest advancements in network and cyber security technology. And, we think you’ll love the features and benefits that this newest generation of iSTAR will provide you! We at NextGen are happy to help you put these awesome new capabilities to work for you and your system:

*The iSTAR Ultra SE special edition iSTAR Ultra door controller supports up to 32 readers, and combines iSTAR Ultra features with a ‘Pro mode’ that ensures flexibility and compatibility with all Software House access control systems.

*When used in “Pro mode”, the iSTAR Ultra SE has the same capabilities as the iSTAR Pro and is compatible with C•CURE 800/8000 and C•CURE 9000. In “Ultra mode”, advanced encryption and wireless lock support are enabled and wireless locks can communicate with C•CURE 9000.

*iSTAR Ultra SE can manage up to 500,000 cardholders in local memory and employs two onboard gigabit network ports to provide redundant communications to the host. iSTAR Ultra SE also features AES 256-bit FIPS 140-2 network encryption, with custom key management and DoS protection to protect against potential network threats.

Call on us anytime for any additional information or support you may need to make this migration a successful step into the future!