[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we highlighted in Part 1 of our Railroad Infrastructure Security blog series, overseeing and sustaining the physical security of railroads can be a daunting task. In addition to the ongoing risks of accidents or equipment failure, railway infrastructure is also vulnerable to a wide scope of intentional security breaches that could be catastrophic if our railway system is compromised.


The three main culprits that account for the most serious security vulnerabilities that railroads face fall into the categories of Intrusion Detection, Theft, and Terrorism. Here we provide some insights on how implementing modern intrusion detection technologies can help mitigate risks on the rails.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) are proving a strong line of defense in protecting rail infrastructure. As is the case in most emergency situations, time is of the essence. And in the case of site security, it absolutely is. Perimeter intrusion detection systems are devices or sensors that detect the presence of an intruder who’s trying to breach a designated perimeter or other secured area. They can provide an early warning of questionable activity of the periphery of your site – before they actually penetrate it. Whether a perpetrator is trying to scale a fence or access another outdoor entry way or gate, intrusion detection technologies can trigger an alert as it’s happening. This ability to detect a breach of a property’s perimeter gives security personnel the time they need to respond to and intercept it before damage is done.

Perimeter fences and intrusion detection systems that are visible on the outside, including lights and cameras, are strong deterrents to someone looking to penetrate the property and do harm. Layering complementary technologies, such as fence sensors plus video analytics, provides additional protection to these sensitive sites. And, if the site is extensive, a perimeter intrusion detection system will help to cover those areas that may be considered vulnerable to attack even if you have security staff on site.

From a budgetary standpoint, there should be no need to invest in updating your existing fencing, if a proper perimeter intrusion detection system is installed. Today’s technology allow PIDs to fit to existing fencing to sense movement or vibration. This will immediately alert security personnel who can then respond instantly.

Given the growing number of threats that railway infrastructure sites face, it’s more important than ever to adequately secure their assets. This starts at the perimeter, and perimeter intrusion detection systems are critically important when deployed as a key component of an overall security system, as they further strengthen the access control and video surveillance solutions onsite.


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