[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Drones are literally eyes in the skies that keep a close watch on what’s happening on the ground. Although protecting premises with drones has long been considered a lofty option for most commercial and industrial enterprises, the deployment of drones is becoming increasingly more popular. And it’s not surprising that the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shifted so many aspects of our lives, has also played a big part in this shift because remote monitoring capabilities have never been more sought after.

As your trusted systems integrator partner, NextGen stays on the cutting edge to successfully implement this exceptionally valuable security solution to our customers. We work with pioneering manufacturers who bring to market new hardware and software that improve the reliability and capabilities of drones, which are becoming increasingly more affordable.

Increased adoption of drone technology makes good sense, because the results are impressive. The autonomous features and unhampered mobility of drones are being more widely recognized as a cost effective way to monitor larger areas. Along with that new capability come reduced guarding costs, faster response times, and a trusted means of storing more surveillance data. It’s a win-win.

Drones, which are unmanned systems, are not just a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to manned guards, they can operate for much more extended periods of time and save security personnel the perils of having to venture out into dangerous situations themselves. Drones essentially are a force-multiplier for security teams, as they enhance operation and catalyze efficiencies.

So it’s never been a better time to demystify drones – exactly what they are and what they’re capable of. Security solutions have steadily grown more sophisticated over time – and drones are playing a more prevalent part of that portfolio of products and solution. With good reason.

Drones and the base stations they rest –and recharge – on, are typically deployed on-site at customer locations. They provide customers with automated perimeter patrols that literally serve as eyes in the skies and watch over their facilities. Many drones are equipped with both RGB and thermal cameras so they can operate both day and night. An RGB camera, simply stated, acquires colored images of persons and objects and defines them in megapixels. And, thermal vision cameras give superior visibility at low and no-light conditions. Because drones are so mobile, they’re especially effective in monitoring large perimeters and terrain that’s difficult to navigate, and they can be dispatched when an incident occurs and provide a much faster response. Consequently we’re seeing the number of successful drone deployments increasing, along with end user satisfaction with the technology and security results they deliver.

We at NextGen are confident that drone technology is a great force multiplier for our clients to use as a part of their emergency, safety and security missions. NextGen has spent many years researching drone surveillance and, as a result of that research, we partner with only the best manufacturers in this space to deliver customers integrated surveillance and alarm response applications that best serve their specific needs. As a result, we can implement autonomous surveillance technology solutions that offer value-added benefits, serve as a force multiplier for security organizations, and enhance intelligent security solutions for critical facilities and properties in need of remote monitoring services now and well into the future. Because drones are an idea whose time has come. And is here to stay.

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