[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Access control solutions keep evolving. Each passing year, access technology gets a bit more high-tech, more secure and, simply stated, smarter. And these newer access technologies are quickly outpacing traditional ones, as increasingly more users are demanding more secure and convenient access.

Smart mechanical locks are allowing organizations to upgrade to programmable keys for improved access control. And, the proposition of never having to rekey a building is an alluring one for sure. Programmable keys, including mobile credentialing using Bluetooth technology, can be interfaced with existing readers to deliver more secure and convenient access for facilities and their authorized users.

We at NextGen are seeing a sharp rise in demand for Smart locks and are called upon often to easily upgrade existing systems to accommodate mobile access. Our solutions enable mobile devices to be used as either a total replacement to or together with your existing access card credentials. This affords authorized users the option of either choosing mobile access or continuing to use their existing credentials.

Mobile access control enables Smartphones to serve as a virtual “key”. Not only convenient, mobile access is a cost-efficient and simpler way to manage user credentials. The reality is that traditional prox and mag strip cards often present security risks, as they’re easily lost, stolen or damaged. And, as users become ever more dependent on digital experiences, from the Internet to Smartphones, the path to mobile migration is becoming much more attractive.

Users no longer need worry about forgetting their key card or fob at home. They can simply unlock their entry doors with their phone. Their Smartphone is their key, and allows them to consolidate all their credentials into one secure, convenient app.

The flexibility that Smart locks provide to those who manage and assign access credentials for their facilities is notable. There are no physical keys to personally give – or take away – from users. Access can be granted and revoked remotely, as needed, across a single platform. Monitoring can also be done remotely. In addition, special case scenarios can also be set by pre-enrolling visitors on the Visitor Management System before they arrive. And, for after hour events, such as a contractor coming in to do repairs, an automation can be set to accommodate their entry. Doors can also be set to unlock during an emergency situation to allow first responders unhampered access. The access control capabilities can be extended well beyond doors only. Smart locks enable you to grant authorized access across your entire facility, including parking garages, lobbies, elevators, and more.

The enhanced level of security, the demand for convenience and the always attractive cost savings that Smart locks can provide are enticing many organizations to make the move to mobile access. NextGen is here to get you there![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]