[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Keeping perimeters safe and secure is top of mind for so many of our customers. So, as a trusted integrated physical and electronic security provider, NextGen is committed to keeping a pulse on the latest technology capabilities to best serve the needs of our diverse client base. And what we’re seeing is a real need for sophisticated technology that can detect suspicious activity and potentially dangerous intruders at any given outdoor site. Smart thermal video cameras with video analytics capabilities built-in are proving to be a solid solution of choice. They can provide an impressive detection range and area coverage. In fact, some thermal video systems can actually detect intruders at distances that can exceed 500 yards!

This means that fewer cameras are needed to keep watch over and protect large outdoor areas, which translates into a significant reduction in infrastructure an installation costs!

But most importantly, thermal cameras equipped with video analytic capabilities provide superior perimeter intrusion detection. Because they rely on heat energy as opposed to reflected light, they are able to perform in both utter darkness or in bright sunlight, to deliver a 24/7 intrusion detection solution. Basically, smart thermal cameras are work horses on the job both day and night, they don’t require lighting to create an image, and they trigger far fewer false alarms. And, the latest introductions of thermal cameras employ powerful on-board image processing to accentuate minor differences between the temperature of an intruder and the background behind them, which can facilitate the delivery of the detailed information needed to make accurate video content analysis. There’s more good news – they’re now available at a never before seen low cost that make these capabilities more affordable than ever before!

From a technology standpoint, today’s smart thermal cameras with integrated video analytics and high-powered processing combine high-quality imaging with high-sensitivity detection of a variety of outdoor threats. Features like electronic stabilization, hands-free steering and zoom, and geo-registration allow the user to customize the tool for their unique needs and surroundings.

All this spells good news for the myriad of end users who require continuous video security monitoring, because thermal cameras represent the most difficult intrusion detection for intruders to defy. This sophisticated solution, coupled with the increasing global demand for the information video analytics delivers, has driven us at NextGen to provide the most cutting-edge Thermal Video Analytics solutions.

NextGen has consistently met the security and safety needs of our clients. The video analytic solutions that our thermal camera offerings deliver are meeting the needs of end users across so many vertical markets, spanning Utilities, Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and more.

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