Enterprises of all kinds have been increasingly leveraging the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for a while now. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies enabled by sensors have allowed end users the ability to count people coming through their facilities, track their movements and gain data information they can leverage to improve their operations.

The benefits are apparent across many sectors. In retail environments, for example, visitor counting allows enterprises to make quicker and better informed decisions that result in increased consumer engagement and sales. For corporate buildings, the ability to people count allows the end user to ascertain where staff is and gauge the use and importance of common areas like conference rooms and other on-site areas.

And, within the transportation industry, the ability to people count can inform decisions to improve passenger experience and satisfaction. Indeed, so many industries are benefiting from the capabilities of AI, and never has that been more critical than in these times when they are faced with meeting the newfound requirements of adhering to Social Distancing Guidelines in the fight against COVID-19.

A huge surge in demand for cost-effective AI capabilities that can people count during and post this Corona virus pandemic is inevitable. Customers can count on us at NextGen to deliver solutions to help. We pride ourselves on working with best-in-class vendors to provide the solutions you need – when you need them – to maintain the safety and security of your operation. These are challenging times. We at NextGen stand together with you to help you meet them.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to learn how people – and how many people – flow throughout your business and facility.

That capability protects you, your staff, and your customers, and can keep you in compliance with CDC guidelines. In conjunction with our superior technology partners, NextGen can deliver you trusted solutions to help you safely navigate these unchartered waters.

The innovative people counting and cost-effective technologies we can deploy for you will allow you to gain new insights on your business activity and monitor the flow of people. They will also help you improve the layout of your building, know when occupancy reaches a certain threshold, and better understand the flow of visitors in your store.

So many enterprises are now, rightfully so, fearful of the new and unexpected costs safety measures this pandemic will demand and incur. But there are other, cost-effective solutions that can be implemented.

A unified platform, for example, can provide greater counting accuracy data that can be viewed on live dashboards and generate notifications when occupancy exceeds your defined thresholds.

Major benefits include:

  • Increased accuracy through deep learning to ignore all non-human objects;
  • Maximizing your security investment, with support for both top-down and tilted camera views;
  • Visualized counts; and,
  • A software-based solution that works on standard surveillance cameras.

New and innovative platforms can help your business adhere to new guidelines and enhance safety.

Call on us at NextGen to support you through these difficult days and beyond to enhance your safety and security measures.

Together, we can leverage the benefits of a AI capabilities such as People Counter analytics to keep operations safe and operational.

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