The business of getting back to business doesn’t have to be risky business. We at NextGen are helping many clients reopen safely and securely. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many enterprises to close their doors or limit workforce occupancy over the last year. As more organizations enter their re-opening phase, they’re looking for safety measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep in compliance with the restrictions. Mask detection analytics, touchless access control solutions and thermal screening capabilities are all helping in the fight. Wireless entrances equipped with Bluetooth technology are another strong weapon in the arsenal against COVID-19.

A wireless technology, Bluetooth is used for transferring the data from one device to another device. Keyless, wireless entrances using Bluetooth technology grant access to a restricted area without the need for a physical key. These smart locks, or remote keyless entry systems, take advantage of wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth, for access control and remote lock management.

They come complete with many benefits, and enable you to wirelessly add custom access codes for specific members of your workforce, delivery people and visitors and remotely control and monitor your doors. It’s so simple – once connected to Bluetooth technology, a smart lock can connect to your smart phone, smart home hub, or your Internet router, affording you many choices as to how to access and control your entrances remotely.

But the enhanced security that wireless entrances equipped with Bluetooth technology does not stop there. Advanced smart locks are easily paired with security cameras and smart alarms, and thereby create an even safer space for employees. And in this re-opening phase, assuring staffs of their health and safety is especially important.

Integrating your high-def video surveillance cameras with a wireless Bluetooth-enabled smart lock can empower you to know – and control – what’s happening on your premises. Just come of the capabilities this integration delivers include the ability to detect and record activity at your doorways, speak with visitors via two-way audio, and grant access by opening a door – even remotely – based on that communication.

Innumerable organizations – large and small – are opting for a wireless, keyless access control solution to improve their security, achieve more efficient business operations, and provide touchless, COVID-safe access control solutions to their employees. And beyond that, wireless entrances equipped with Bluetooth capabilities also protect your visitors, outside vendors and contractors.

NextGen is here to help ensure you have a safe re-opening and get back to business with all the security measures you need to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees and visitors. Call on us today to learn more about the solutions we can implement to get your business back up and running – risk-free!