[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Delivering the best possible security solutions to you, our valued customers, is what drives NextGen every day. Intrusion detection capabilities have advanced exponentially over the years, and keeping up with the latest technologies is our firm commitment. Thermal imaging is proving to be a trusted mission-critical solution for wide area intrusion detection, and Thermal Radar is NextGen’s technology partner of choice to deliver those solutions.

That’s because Thermal Radar’s imaging technology delivers continuous, 360-degree situational awareness of any activity or intrusion that could potentially threaten your facility. And, as we all know only too well, outdoor perimeters are vulnerable and often under attack, by those seeking to harm or compromise commercial, industrial and governmental assets.

We’re very proud to partner with Thermal Radar. They use a best in class rotating FLIR Tau2 thermal sensor and apply edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify and Geo-Spatially locate any incursion that may threaten your perimeter. Thermal Radar detection provides actionable intelligence as well as mobile alerts that generate a GPS coordinate of the intruder’s exact location. It also provides a thermal image of the intrusion yet remains a completely passive, undetectable intrusion system! Thermal Radar can serve as a standalone detection outpost on an expansive border project, or the centerpiece of an integrated physical security strategy at your most critical facilities. In fact, it can be used anywhere, and remote installation is a snap. Bitterly cold or oppressively hot conditions are not an issue, as Thermal Radar performs in temps ranging from 49 degrees below zero up to 131 degrees.

A feature users especially love is that they can customize the User Interface to meet their specific facilities’ needs. They simply set specific Areas of Interest and Areas of Exclusion as well as sensitivity and confidence values to meet the demands of their own unique environment. Thermal Radar also integrates easily into your choice of Video Management Systems. And there’s more good news – Thermal Radar is now affordable and being deployed to benefit end users across so many industry sectors.

These include:

Critical Infrastructure: Thermal Imaging Radar’s continuous 360 degree monitoring with flexible communication options allow these critical sites to be monitored day and night and also reduce the reaction time so critical to responding intrusions. Plus, fewer cameras equals translate into less cost and maintenance!

Warehouse, data center and storage facilities, similarly, have daunting security and power needs. Our Thermal Radar capabilities empower these facilities to be monitored day and night, inside or out, to guard against theft and suspicious activities.

Oil and Gas facilities, whether it’s a large facility, single asset, on shore or off shore also benefit from thermal radar technology, as it adds a thermal layer of security to most facilities.

There are myriad other applications where Thermal Radar is being used, including Departments of Parks and Forestry, as continuous and remote thermal monitoring can serve as an early warning mechanism for forest fires before they threaten residential or commercial areas. They can be deployed and operated easily and remotely.

Electrical and Power Grids also reap the benefits, as there are hundreds of thousands of power substations around the world where protection is critical. Perimeter intrusion detection for jails, prisons and other corrections facilities is also a market that can be well served by Thermal Radar technology, as it provides the most cost effective and complete solution in providing the corrections system with wide area intrusion detection. Airports also are faced with extraordinary security challenges, including threats of terrorist attacks on strategic aviation targets. Airports also deal with other threats of theft, vandalism and unauthorized intrusion, all of which could lead to sabotage of systems.

As your trusted security solutions provider, we at NextGen are proud to deliver these innovative Thermal Radar capabilities to our customers across all sectors and are at the ready to provide you with the information and solutions you need to best ensure your perimeter protection and security.

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