[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a trusted integrated physical and electronic security provider, we at NextGen Security know firsthand that nothing is more important than safeguarding and preserving human life and health. Our portfolio of security solutions includes establishing and maintaining safe and secure environments for thousands of people in healthcare facilities every day. Providing quality patient care is a priority, as is delivering a positive patient experience. Maintaining a secure facility is top of mind to Security Directors in healthcare facilities everywhere – and we at NextGen Security are here to help. We develop integrated electronic security strategy customized to regulatory requirements and the specific needs of any healthcare system or individual facility. We know their pain points. Our solutions relieve them. Here are just a few of the security issues that hospitals and healthcare facilities everywhere face. Look to Nextgen Security to assist in meeting these sensitive challenges.

Hospitals are home to over-crowded Emergency Rooms, Critical Care Units, Infant Nurseries, and closets that house controlled substances. Beyond the interior, there are parking garages to secure, and credentialing authorizations to provide to medical and administrative staff, many of which have different levels of access authorizations to different parts of the building, not to mention staying on top of access considerations for psychiatric units and offices that house privacy-protected patient information.

Hospitals are literally a 24/7 revolving door for emergency patients, staff and attending physicians, and outside delivery people. There are so many layers to providing adequate security, which is why a layered approach is absolutely necessary.

A good starting point in specifying a comprehensive hospital security system is parking lots and garages. License plate recognition (LPR) technology security should be put in place to identify and/or restrict vehicles entering a parking area, as it provides critical information as to the identity of vehicles entering the hospital, their parking lots and garages. It can also signal an alert if a license plate number that’s been designated as suspicious or unauthorized by the police attempts to enter the hospital parking lot or garage. Once inside a hospital, several access control solutions should be put in place to manage who is coming and going. Video surveillance systems should, of course, also be used in conjunction with access control measures for added protection. Video Management Systems can monitor who is coming and going from a healthcare facility.

You can look to all of our security solutions to secure your healthcare facility from start to finish, as they encompass all of the following: Access Control Systems; Video Management Systems; Communication Systems; Optical and Physical Turnstiles/Entry Portals; Perimeter Hardening; and, Intelligent LED Lighting.

We’re a systems integrator that can furnish after-hours security and protection from air contamination with HEPA filters and enclosed tents. In addition, we have Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)-prescribed shutdown activities for patient and employee safety; hard-access intercom and panic buttons; biometric technology, and more.

Healthcare facilities can call on NextGen Security as their trusted integrator for all of their security needs. We are at the ready to meet all their specific and critically needed security challenges.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]