[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Drones continue to grow in popularity, and are being used not only by amateur private operators for recreation, they’re also being used to enhance security. These eyes in the skies can do a lot to enhance video surveillance capabilities. Unfortunately, the skies aren’t always friendly, and not all drones are deployed for virtuous purposes. Drones are not immune to security breaches. In fact, they’re often used to create serious threats to civilian as well as military entities. So it’s no surprise that as drones become more popular, so also do counter-drone technologies. These are often termed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) counter drone systems and Unmanned Aerials Systems (UASs).

Counter-drone technology systems are used to detect or monitor unmanned aircrafts. Radars, as well as infrared cameras and acoustic sensors, are all proving useful additions to counter-drone systems, and are viewed to be most effective when combined into a single solution. It makes good sense that the more sensors you have, the more accurate detection efforts will be.

Yes, companies working within in the counter-drone system market are turning to new technologies to stay progressive and on the cutting edge. This is in response to growing concerns about the potential security threats drones pose not only to civilians, governments, militaries, and critical infrastructure sites, but to facilities of all kinds. Drones, while they can provide crucial video surveillance data to users who deploy them for enhanced security purposes, have also been pinpointed as a means of carrying out unscrupulous missions. In addition to the global ramifications malicious drones can cause, they have also been caught being used for frivolous reasons, such as by sports fans who want to check in on scores at sporting events. And, on a more serious note, by those who are illegally dropping off drugs, cell phones and other contraband in prison yards. And that’s just the beginning. Malicious drones have to be watched closely.

The demand for counter-drone technology continues to rise, for myriad reasons. The growth of the counter-drone system market is directly associated with security issues. And the adoption of counter-drone systems are expected to only increase in tandem with advancements in aerial technology.

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But, we are also proactively working to provide clients with the counter-drone technologies they need to further leverage the innovative video surveillance capabilities that drones can provide. Call on us for all your video surveillance needs. We are your trusted partner and stay on the cutting edge of how new technologies can better protect your facilities![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]