Problem: How do companies afford the ever-growing expense and inefficiencies of staffing security positions.

Answer: They apply security integration technologies to augment a smaller, better trained, centralized security team. One technology is the use of intelligent remote video monitoring.

Increasingly more corporate security managers are looking for solutions that enable them to remotely manage their security systems – and view live video from multiple locations or from areas which were once staffed and now aren’t from a centralized location. With the constant pressure on Security Managers to provide efficiencies within their security plans, deploying technologies to create a centralized operations center has many advantages.

Whether it’s on a single campus or an enterprise level group of facilities, a centralized Security Operations Center (SOC), deploying intelligent, integrated, remote monitoring can provide a well-trained smaller security team the event driven intelligence required to deal with security operations tasks which used to take many personnel to adequately manage. For instance, deploying remote monitoring technologies can alerting operators to the arrival of a vehicle at a gate, can now allow a SOC operator to remotely inspect a vehicle, capture a license plate, validate if the vehicle and passengers are authorized for entry, and even track the vehicle while it is on site. This type of augmentation not only provides the company with a long term ROI, many times it provides a more effective security posture.

In its overall scope, intelligent remote video monitoring offers a service and solution that monitors a facility or areas of concern from a centralized Security Operations Center, SOC. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence surveillance technologies are incorporated to actively monitor and survey that facility in real-time. Images and data from cameras and integrated sensors are sent over a network or a secure cloud server to the SOC or to a Managers or Responders web-enabled device. When suspicious activity or a desired programmed action is detected by the system, response can be swift and effective from a small well-trained team at the SOC.

The quickly evolving capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI is allowing companies to augment their contracted security services with lower cost and more effective security technologies that they can operate from a centralized location. As an integrated physical and electronic security provider specializing in solutions for regulated entities and enterprise level companies in key vertical markets nationwide, NextGen works unceasingly to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. This has enabled us to provide customers with remote surveillance and monitoring capabilities that are literally at their fingertips. Here’s a look at just some of the benefits this capability is affording them.

Preventing theft and vandalism ranks high on the list. The ability to remotely monitor your facility provides an added layer of protection to quickly respond to – and mitigate – potential security breaches and theft of assets and property. An intelligent analytics camera or a camera integrated with an intrusion detection sensor, for example, will detect when an incident that takes place and alert a SOC or Manager via an alarm message that includes a supporting video clip enabling an operator to assess the incident and summon for response. We can even provide remote controlled response capabilities through integrated technologies.

The use of technology to protect against external threats is valuable, but not to be overlooked is the importance of mitigating internal threats. These can range from anything as blatant and costly as employee theft, work place violence and sabotage.

The use of intelligent remote monitoring technology can great assist with active shooter incidents. The use of video analytics and intelligent video search tools combined with gun shot detection, notification and physical access control can allow a SOC to quickly determine the of a threat, provide the responders with real-time information, and help isolate the threat from employees.

Increasingly more companies and corporate security managers are looking for solutions that enable them to remotely manage their security systems and they’re entrusting those solutions to the expertise of NextGen Security. Call on us to learn more about how our integrated remote monitoring capabilities can help you enhance security and profitability at your facility.