[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain faces many threats that can lead to its disruption. Both natural and man-made disasters have the potential to do tremendous damage to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, not to mention all the people who rely on them for life-saving medications.

Supply chain vulnerabilities, as indicated in a recent report released by The Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program, include the effects of cyberattacks against manufacturing infrastructure, geopolitical disputes affecting drug supply chain components, and the growing reliance on third party drug manufacturing and logistics suppliers. Just one extreme event could have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a strong case in point, as it led to a consequential disruption to the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. It brought to brighter light the fact that China controls a disproportionate amount of our supply. Recognition of this dependency on China for prescription drugs is now driving, and will continue to drive drug manufacturing back to the U.S.

NextGen works in support of many pharmaceutical manufacturers and provides the high level of security they need to help prevent pharmaceutical supply chain disruption. Our video surveillance, intrusion detection, and door access control solutions can help detect, deter and delay threats and secure their supply chain.

Video surveillance is a critically important component in protecting pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and distribution centers from both internal and external threats. Both thermal and visual cameras can detect intruders and suspicious activities instantly and can document who enters the premises and when. High definition IP cameras can see and capture all activities and help ensure a safe supply chain from start to finish.

Perimeter intrusion detection solutions also play a vital part in protecting these sensitive infrastructures. The ability to detect a breach of a property’s perimeter affords the precious time needed for security personnel to intercept intruders before they do any damage. Perimeter fences and intrusion detection systems that are visible on the outside, including lights and cameras are strong deterrents to someone looking to enter and do harm. Layering complementary technologies, such as exterior low/no light capable video analytics, can provide added protection to these sensitive sites.

An access control system at all points of entry is another must-have. It enables complete control over who can access a facility. It grants authorized users convenient entry while keeping out those who are not credentialed to enter. It also provides an audit trail of who has accessed the site and when.

We at NextGen Security are well-versed in Drug Supply Chain Security Act implementation and can help pharmaceutical organization meet the guidelines and properly secure their sensitive facilities.